The next monthly Deep Sound Experience in English will be from 7-9pm at NOW Meditation (Zurich HB) on Friday, September 21. The workshop in English and German (if requested) will start with a Relax&Reset meditation by Anina, followed by a brief introduction to the topic of sound healing, an opportunity to set your intention for the evening, and breath exercises to release stress. After the passive sound experience, you can try out all of the instruments and learn to use them with others in the group. Max. of 14 participants. Cost of CHF 40. Please contact NOW to register. Next dates: October 19, November 9, and December 7.

The Holistic Voice class at the American Women’s Club Zurich is on Tuesday, October 16, from 7-9pm. Cost of CHF 30. Please contact Christine to register. There will be a special class on November 20 that uses the Vibratuning approach to also sing Christmas songs. This date is a benefit for the AWCZ, so please register at its website.

Christine’s Healing Songs Concert will be at SilentPower on Sunday, October 21, from 7-9pm. The singer/songwriter and sound therapist will perform a concert of original songs that have a healing intention behind them. Her guitar (and voice) are in the special tuning of A=432 Hz. The audience is also invited to participate in toning and chakra (affirmation) songs – or simply listen. Offered on a donation basis. More information at SilentPower.

The Holistic Voice Workshop and Sound Immersion Workshop are also available to companies, schools, and organizations as unique events. Please see Workshops for Organizations for details.

Most events are in Zurich or Toggenburg (just in German), Switzerland. Other places upon request.

SOUND THERAPY EVENTS IN GERMAN: Please see the German-language website.

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