Calendar of Events in English and German

Sound Baths at the AWCZ (please bring your own mat, pillow, and blanket – masks are optional):
Wednesdays (gong by request):  July 6 from 6:30-8pm
Fridays: July 15 and July 22 from 7-8:30pm

Each Sound Bath at the AWCZ in Zurich Seefeld is limited to 10 participants. Cost is CHF 40 in advance or cash at the door (if there’s still space). Subscription of 4 events (including the Sound Healing / Writing Healing Songs classes) for CHF 140 can also be used to invite friends and is available as a gift certificate. Please write for registration and payment through Twint, PayPal, or bank transfer. 

Sound Healing with Instruments Class 1
This monthly class at the Vibratuning Practice in Zurich Wipkingen from 6:30-8pm will start on Thursday, July 7. The Intro class is open to anyone interested in the healing use of singing bowls, percussion instruments, and tuning forks. In addition to learning basic theory of sound healing, you’ll also have the opportunity to try out the instruments. There’s a maximum of 4 participants, so please register in advance with PayPal or Twint for the price of CHF 40. Or you can use one time of your 4x subscription for CHF 140 here.

When there’s enough interest among people who have completed the Intro, I’ll offer the Sound Healing with Instruments Class II (Intermediate). This class will explore calibrations (A=424 Hz and A=432 Hz), as well as more in-depth work with the instruments and various types of tuning forks (such as planets and brain waves), plus partner work on the massage table. Class III (Advanced) will demonstrate and practice a group sound bath. Prerequisite is classes I & II

Writing Healing Songs Class will also be offered on a monthly Thursday from 6:30-8pm at the Vibratuning Practice in Zurich Wipkingen. Next is on July 21. This class is open to anyone interested in writing affirmations and healing songs – even if they aren’t musicians since it also includes basic music theory. The last portion of each class will be dedicated to performances of original songs with constructive feedback. Guitar and keyboard will be available to play. Maximum of 4 participants, so please register in advance with Twint or PayPal for the price of CHF 40.

Sound Healing with the Voice Class 1 will be offered later in the year.

Book your own private Sound Bath for 3-10 people at the flat rate of CHF 330 in advance. Send an email with requested dates and times at the AWCZ in 8008 Zurich Seefeld or elsewhere. Saturdays are lmost always available.


*The Songs for Women Benefit Concert (for FIZ) is scheduled from 7-8:30pm on Saturday, September 3.

*The Healing Songs Concert is scheduled from 7-8:30pm on Friday, September 30.


The Children’s Sound & Music Class, the Sound Bath, Songwriter Concerts, Tune Your Voice Workshop, Sound Healing Workshop, and Creative Writing Workshop are also available to companies, schools, and organizations as unique events (starting when the circumstances allow). Please see Workshops for Organizations for details.

Most events are in Zurich or Toggenburg (only in German), Switzerland. Other places upon request.

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