For appointments and events, as well as advance payment instructions, please send an email to

The Vibratuning Practice location is at the American Women’s Club of Zurich (AWCZ), Hoeschgasse 38, 8008 Zurich Seefeld (Hoeschgasse Tram 2 & 4 stop). This location requires Covid Certificates from everyone. Here is the large room that we use for the Sound Bath, individual sessions,  and other events:


Please inquire about other locations. 

For workshops (in German) at the KlangWelt Toggenburg in Alt St. Johann/CH see, call (+41) 071 998 50 00, or email

Here’s Lake Schwendisee in Toggenburg. Stumps Alpenrose Hotel, site of the Vibratuning Workshop in German is behind the forest in the middle.Alpenrose2

One thought on “Contact

  1. Hello, I am very interested in your voice analysis methoods as a pratitioner and a client.
    As a biology student i would like to see the scientific resources regarding any scientific resource that could expand my empric understanding regarding voice analysis therapy.

    Best regards, Guy Zandy


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