The Sound Baths and Sound Healing therapy were great experiences. Christine has a very kind and transformational energy. (Brendan T., GB – review on Google)

This combination of sound and massage creates a much deeper state of relaxation. I highly recommend it! (Alexander B., Zurich/CH)

The sound therapy – which I experienced for the first time – was very pleasant with beautiful sounds. Feeling the vibrations in my body was also very healing. (Doris W., Zurich/CH)

Your knowledge about the world of sounds is impressive. It was great to experience your liveliness. The treatment as a couple is worthwhile – a special experience. (Daniela R., Zurich/CH)

After the session, I felt like a complete person and in harmony with myself – energetically and emotionally. This therapy brings us back into harmony. I highly recommend it for a clear mind, inner peace, and better use of our own potentials. (S.M., Santa Barbara/CA)

You are a wonderful teacher! To say that it’s a lot of fun to learn with you is a complete understatement because you have the rare talent of strengthening others within themselves. (Phyllis R., Ventura/CA)

Christine’s lecture and demonstration of sound healing was powerful and uplifting. She presented the information in a way that was clear, down-to-earth, and easy to understand. Since it was interactive, everyone who attended could feel for themselves the effects of vocal toning in a group. I also found my individual voice-analysis session to be very fascinating, particularly because of the way she could link areas of my life with certain pitches in my voice. On another occasion, I observed Christine’s music-therapy work with severely disabled children and saw how important it was for them. It gave them an opportunity to express themselves through music, which was very healing. I remember the little boy who cried when the hour was over, but his face was all smiles the rest of the time. I was very inspired by her work with this population.” (Alison S., Ojai/CA)

I completely opened up to the Journey Through the Chakras. This was good for me and very much helped my personal growth. (Luna S., Santa Barbara/CA)

Christine brings a sense of play, lightness and body sensation to her voice lessons. She helped me to strengthen and love my own voice. (Gail D., Ventura/CA)

I was dissatisfied with the high tones in my speaking voice. The individual therapy sessions with Christine brought me healing and the joy of rediscovering my own voice! (Sherrie M., Santa Barbara/CA)

The feeling that we all had after toning with the “Tune Your Voice” CD is undescribable! The tones floated through our bodies. (Linda B., Los Angeles/CA)

Christine is delightful and fun in her expert ability to open up the energy channels in our bodies through her wonderful teaching. (Cynthia S., Santa Barbara/CA)

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