Christine M. Grimm

Christine M. Grimm with Tibetan Singing Bowl

Christine M. Grimm lives in Zurich, Switzerland. Her native language is English, but she also offers events in German (website). 

She completed her B.A. in Literature (Minor in Music) at California Lutheran University, followed by a Master of Fine Arts in Film, Television, and Screenwriting at UCLA.

Christine first became familiar with sound therapy and voice analysis at a seminar with Elaine Thomson in Bad Sulza, Germany, in 1997. Since 1998, she has studied with various teachers such as Dr. John Beaulieu in California and Switzerland. At the International Sound Healing conferences in San Francisco and Los Angeles, she also learned more about the work of experts such as Jonathan Goldmann and Don Campbell.


Christine M. Grimm with Andi and Jonathan Goldmann at the International Sound Healing Conference in San Francisco, 2006

In 2009, Christine organized events with sound researcher and film composer Alan Howarth. She published an article about his work and the field of sound therapy in Vision Magazine (see Articles page). He converted her Tune Your Voice CD into the nine RA tunings and Phi, which can be compared on the Sound and Music page. 

ChriALan&cstine M. Grimm as an exhibitor with Alan Howarth  at the 2009 American Music Therapy Association Conference in San Diego.

In 2010, Christine studied Performance Wellness to help people overcome their stage fright. The Video page has links on topics related to breath and performance. 



Since then, she has taken courses with Dr. John Beaulieu of BioSonics on a regular basis and received her BioSonic Repatterning Practitioner certification from him in 2015.

Christine M. Grimm and Dr. John Beaulieu at the Polarity Center in Zurich, Switzerland

She is also a singer/songwriter and teaches songwriting (see website). Please also see the Concerts with Singer/Songwriter Christine Grimm page for more information and future performance dates.