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The Tune Your Voice – Tune Your Life CD  is available in the 9 tunings of RA (A = 421.6 to 426.4 Hz), Phi (A = 432 Hz), and Standard (A = 440 Hz). Please listen to the individual examples below. You can simply feel the sound and use your intuition to find the right calibration of A. Or have Christine do a Vibratuning Voice Analysis for you online or in person (Switzerland only). 

Here are samples of 3 different tunings. These are available as individual digital tracks for CHF 2 each or all 12 tracks (C-B) of one calibration (A=xxx Hz) for CHF 20.

A=424 Hz (RA4)

A=432 Hz (Phi)

A=440 Hz (Standard)

“The feeling that we all had after singing with the Tune Your Voice CD is indescribable! The notes resonated throughout our bodies.” (Linda B., Los Angeles)

Original music by Christina Grimm

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No Time To Be Blue
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