Christine M. Grimm, Sound Therapist
(Vibratuning.ch ist auf Deutsch mit Veranstaltungen in Kanton St. Gallen und Liechtenstein)


*Vibratuning offers Sound Baths in Zurich and Richterswil, as well as individual sessions and classes at the Vibratuning Practice in Zurich Wipkingen. See Calendar for dates and individual pages for details.

*Vibratuning Sound Baths are open for registration at the beautiful Be: Life Studio (Klosbachstrasse 3 in Zurich 8032, close to Kreuzplatz) on Saturday, June 10 from 5:30-7pm and Friday, June 23 from 6:30-8pm. Cost is CHF 40 in advance and CHF 45 at the door. Please click here for more info and registration. Mats and blankets are provided. Max. of 10 people.

*Vibratuning Sound Baths are also offered at Cinque Wellness in Richterswil (Silver Coast) on Tuesdays, June 13 and July 11 from 10:30-11:45am. Advance rates are CHF 35 per person or CHF 90 for three when made as one payment (CHF 40 at the door, if there’s space – max. 10 participants). Mats and blankets are provided at this serene studio. 

*Vibratuning Sound Baths (Klangbaeder, in German) with the Gong at Riva Fit in Walenstadt can be translated into English by request: Friday, June 8 from 8-9:30pm and Wednesday, June 28 from 10:30am-12pm are the next dates. Advance rate is CHF 30 per person or CHF 35 at the door (if there’s space – max. 10 participants). Mats and blankets are provided at this spacious studio.

Here is a brief video from the Sound Bath at the Klangfestival on June 5, 2022.

Group size is 4 to 10 people. Events are in English but translation into German by request. (Photo and video by Hanes Sturzenegger at the Klangfestival in Toggenburg, June 5, 2022.)

Classes and Workshops in Zurich:
*The Be: Your Voice & Yoga – Tuning Your Chakras Series of 7 weekly classes starts on Wednesday, May 31 from 7:45-9:15pm at the Be: Life Studio at Klosbachstrasse 3 in 8032 Zurich (near Kreuzplatz). CHF 250 advance price for series or CHF 40 for individual classes. Click here for description and registration.
*The Sound Healing with Tuning Forks Class is offered on Thursday, June 8 from 6:30-8pm at the Vibratuning Practice in Zurich Wipkingen (max. of 4 participants). Learn now to use Biosonics tuning forks on yourself, a partner, or even a pet. Cost of CHF 35 in advance or CHF 40 at the door, if there’s space. More info on Workshop page. Write vibratuning@gmail.com to register.
*The next Tune Your Voice – Tune Your Life with the 5 Elements Workshop is on Saturday, June 17 from 10am-4pm (5 class hours) at the Vibratuning Practice in Zurich Wipkingen (max. of 4 participants). Develop your speaking and/or singing voice on the basis of the Elements. Please write vibratuning@gmail.com to register in advance. Cost of CHF 125.

Special offers:
*New! Sound Massage Basic: 60 minute Sound Massage (without a sound facial, foot massage, or voice analysis) for CHF 120 on Thursdays at the Vibratuning Practice in Wipkingen.
*Sound Bath (or Klangbad in German) for a private group of up to 10 people at the flat rate of CHF 390. Please write vibratuning@gmail.com with your scheduling and location request (may require extra travel fee outside of Zurich).

Photo: Andrea Monica Hug
Photo: Andrea Monica Hug

The Vibratuning Practice at Nordstrasse 155, 8037 Zurich Wipkingen offers Sound Massage for one or two people, individual sound facials with massage, voice analysis, and holistic voice work. It is also possible to book Sound Massage sessions in Walenstadt (for one or two people) and the Be.Live Studio in Zurich. Please request appointments by writing vibratuning@gmail.com.

Here is an article about the Vibratuning Sound Massage on Galaxus.ch

Vibratuning is a holistic method for balancing the body, mind, and soul with healing sound and the voice. In her work as a sound therapist, Christine M. Grimm has combined the concepts of the chakras, yoga breathing, and the 5 elements with modern approaches of sound healing such as voice analysis to create Vibratuning. Her method uses toning, tuning forks, singing bowls, and other instruments in the special calibrations of A=424 Hz and A=432 Hz to balance the body, mind, and soul.

The Vibratuning Sound Therapy functions on all 4 levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) to increase an individual’s sense of balance and well-being, as well as activate the powers of self-healing. It is also a highly effective basis for holistic voicework and singing lessons. Here is the video introduction to Vibratuning (in German with English subtitles).

Photo: Andrea Monica Hug

Here is the a Sound Massage video with the individual tones.

The 1.5 hour sessions for the Sound Massage (with singing bowls, tuning forks, and  percussion) combined with the Sound Facial (with tuning forks and face lotion) and/or a Foot Massage (with lotion or oil) are also available as the 2 hour session of Sound Delux that can be combined with Voice Analysis and Holistic Voice Work. Please write vibratuning@gmail to arrange time and advance payment through Twint, PayPal, or bank transfer.

Photo: Andrea Monica Hug

Christine M. Grimm completed her training in “Sound, Healing, and Consciousness” as a BioSonic Repatterning Practitioner with Dr. John Beaulieu of BioSonics. In addition to her courses with international sound healing teachers, she is trained in voice, performance coaching, massage, and therapeutic yoga. She earned her Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree from the Theater Department at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Christine became a sound therapist in 1998, followed by training in Kindermusik (music therapy) and Therapeutic Yoga (Cheri Clampett and Arturo Peal). She is a member of the American Sound Healers Association and author of the “Sound Trek” article published in Vision Magazine (see Articles). 

She moved to Switzerland in 2015 and established her Vibratuning Voice and Sound Therapy practice in Zurich. Her teachers include Elaine Thomson (GB, Voice Analysis), Dr. John Beaulieu (USA, who certified her as a Biosonics Repatterning Practitioner), Silvia Nakkach (USA, Yoga of the Voice), Dr. Louise Montello (USA, Performance Wellness), and Christian Zehnder (CH, Yoga mit der Stimme). She is currently writing a book on Vibratuning: Personal Transformation with Sound Therapy. 

Her holistic approach is also the basis for speech training, voice lessons and performance coaching for speakers, singers, teachers, and/or people who have stage fright. She produced the Tune Your Voice – Tune Your Life CD as a guide for sound therapy and voice training. For more information about the CD and available tunings, see the Sound and Music page. She’s also available for live solo performances of the Healing Songs Concert, which incorporates the principles of sound healing.

Photo: Andrea Monica Hug

Click here for more information about her music and song samples.

Top photo by Giorgiana Thieler (c)2023.
Bottom 3 photos by Andrea Monica Hug (c)2019.