Songs for Healing Concert

Photo: Andrea Monica Hug
Photo: Andrea Monica Hug

Next concert is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, November 14, at 7pm. Location is the AWCZ in 8008 Zurich Seefeld. Cost of CHF 15 includes a donation to FIZ and apero snacks.

Description: Singer/songwriter and sound therapist Christine M. Grimm performs solo concerts of her original songs that have a healing intention behind them. Her guitar (and voice) are in the special tuning of A=432. The audience is also invited to participate in toning and chakra (affirmation) songs.

Please contact Christine to book a concert at your venue in Switzerland, Austria, or Southern Germany.

Click here for more music by singer/songwriter Christina Grimm.

Photo (c)2019 by Andrea Monica Hug in Zurich