Prenatal Sound Relaxation

Pregnant-cropA very special new offer for mothers-to-be: This individual session combines sound relaxation using tuning forks with breath exercises and lullaby singing – together with another family member, if desired.

A fetus hears sounds and even the mother’s voice at a very early age. Sound has a harmonizing effect on mother and child, as well as on the partnership. We start with breath exercises to support the supply of oxygen and then sing lullabies for the developing child (in German and/or English). At the second session, we will write a personal song for the child.



The following sound relaxation with tuning forks can also be experienced as a couple or together with an older child. An individual session lasts 60 minutes (CHF 120) and the session for two people is 90 minutes (CHF 160). Here is an article about “Relaxation Through Sound” in the May 2017 edition of the German-language “Wir Eltern” magazine.


Almost all of the lullaby melodies and lyrics are on Soundcloud:

You can hear more lullabies in English by Christine M. Grimm and recorded as “Lullabies with Christine” here

KMMon3pmVillageKindermusik with Christine in Ventura/CA (2006)

In addition to her work as a sound therapist, Christine M. Grimm directed Kindermusik programs in California for 7 years and offered sessions for parents with newborns at a clinic. She is the mother of an adult son.