Individual Sessions

Photo: Andrea Monica Hug
Photo by Andrea Monica Hug

The Vibratuning Practice is closed until June 6, 2020, but you can already schedule an appointment for the Sound Massage (only session available until June 27, 2020. All appointments will be available again starting on June 30, 2020 at the new location.

Only Skype sessions for breath and voice work are available at this time (with a 20% discount). Please write an email to to arrange an appointment.

90-minute appointments for the individual sound massage with a choice of the sound facial (with lotion) and/or Asian back massage (oil or lotion) will be available starting on June 2. Voice Analysis and Holistic Voice Work in person will be available starting on June 30 (and can also be combined with the Sound Massage for the 120-minute Sound Deluxe session. Here is a new video on the Vibratuning Sound Massage.

Stimm-AnalyseVoice Analysis with Breath Exercises &
Sound Massage 
or Active Voice Work

The voice analysis according to frequencies reveals the missing or excessive notes in your voice. After learning the breath and balancing exercises, you can choose a passive sound massage (see below) or active voice work.


Sound Facial
Experience a combination of tuning forks on the acupressure points for the face, ears, and head with a soothing massage. This is the perfect relaxing sound treatment in 60 minutes or together with the Sound Massage for the rest of your body (90 minutes) .


Sound Massage (60 minutes)
Your system is expertly “tuned” like a musical instrument with Biosonics tuning forks, singing bowls, gongs, and/or body overtoning. These soothing vibrations transform blockages and retune your inner frequences. This calming passive sound treatment is combined with breathworth to release tension. You experience a deep state of relaxation that activates your powers of self-healing as you relax on a massage table. Can be combined with an Asian Oil Massage (90 minutes). 

Express Sound Massage (15-30 minutes)
This shorter chair treatment can be offered with tuning forks on a chair at events or as a Sound Facial in combination with a voice session.

Active Voice Work
TYVcoverAfter doing breathwork and exercises to release the excessive notes in your voice, you learn how to tone the missing or weak frequencies. You can listen to the various tunings to select the most appropriate one for you (under construction!), then use the matching Tune Your Voice – Tune Your Life CD  as a guide for singing these notes. As a trained and experienced singer, Christine will provide support in improving your speaking and/or singing voice. Then you will receive a customized Sound Therapy plan so you can incorporate these exercises into your daily routine. Follow-up sessions are recommended. Not just for singers and speakers!