Sessions & Services

Appointments for sound massage, voice analysis, relaxation massage, and holistic voice work are available on Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. at SilentPower in Zurich/CH. Cost of sessions: 60 minutes for 120 CHF / 90 minutes for 160 CHF. New offer starting in May 2017 with special discount: Prenatal Sound Relaxation (see page). Please write vibratuning @ for appointment. 


Practice room at SilentPower in Zurich

Christine M. Grimm also offers appointments for sound massage, voice analysis, and holistic voice work at the Klangschmiede in Alt St. Johann (Toggenburg)/Switzerland. Cost of sessions: 60 minutes for 110 CHF / 120 minutes for 200 CHF. Please book directly by calling +41 (0)71 998 50 05 or sending an email to

Klangschmiede in Alt St. Johann with practice room on right side of 1st floor

It is also possible to book a Sound Massage and/or Relaxation massage at Hotel Hirschen in Wildhaus/CH on Fridays – Mondays. 60 minutes for 120 CHF / 90 minutes for 160 CHF. Please contact the hotel directly.

Please ask about appointments on different days and at additional locations. These services are also available on-site to groups or companies. Please ask for rates. Descriptions are below. Voice Analysis sessions are also available on Skype: Please write to make an appointment and arrange for payment in advance.

Descriptions of individual sessions:

Voice Analysis with Breath Exercises & Sound Massage or Active Voice Work
Stimm-AnalyseThe voice analysis according to frequencies reveals the missing or excessive notes in your voice. After learning the breath and balancing exercises, you can choose a passive sound massage (see below) or active voice work.christinemartina-sp-9-16

Sound Massage
Your system is “tuned” like a musical instrument with selected tuning forks, singing bowls, and/or body overtoning. You experience a deep state of relaxation that activates your powers of self-healing. Also available for couples – next to each other on massage tables.

Active Voice Work
TYVcoverAfter doing breathwork and exercises to release the excessive notes in your voice, you learn how to tone the missing or weak frequencies. You can listen to the various tunings to select the most appropriate one for you (under construction!), then use the matching Tune Your Voice – Tune Your Life CD  as a guide for singing these notes. As a trained and experienced singer, Christine will provide support in improving your speaking and/or singing voice. Then you will receive a customized Sound Therapy plan so you can incorporate these exercises into your daily routine. Follow-up sessions are recommended. Not just for singers and speakers!


At the Buchhandlung im Licht in Zurich, Christine uses selected BioSonics tuning forks to “tune” your nervous system like a musical instrument. You experience a deep state of relaxation that activates your powers of self-healing. Please contact the bookstore for an appointment on the last Tuesday of each month between 3-6 p.m. (4/19, 5/30, and 6/27). Cost: 30 CHF for 15 minutes.

Sound & Relaxation Massage with Aroma Oil Bowls-with-effect
Whole Body for 90 minutes / Back & Neck for 60 minutes (can also be booked as just the Relaxation Massage with aroma oil) is currently offered at SilentPower in Zurich and Hotel Hirschen in Wildhaus (Toggenburg). Please write vibratuning @ for Zurich appointments or contact Hotel Hirschen directly.