Sound Bath

 Next date for Sound Baths in English at the AWCZ in Zurich Seefeld: Friday, May 27, from 7-8:30pm and Wednesday, June 8, from 6:30-8pm. Group size is 4 to 10 participants (room size is more than 80m2) and the cost is CHF 40 in advance or cash at the door, if there’s still space. Please bring your own mat, blanket, and pillow. (Description and press articles are below)

Christine2021-crop©2021 Photo by Bernd Steinbacher

What is a Vibratuning Sound Bath? While you rest on a mat, sound therapist Christine M. Grimm will enchant you with a delicate but profound sound landscape. You will experience a very deep relaxation with singing bowls and BioSonics tuning forks, as well as percussion instruments (one monthly weekday date with the gong).  If you like, you can experience these beneficial sounds directly on  your body.


This event starts with a brief introduction to the topic of sound healing by Christine, followed by an opportunity to set your intention for the evening and breath exercises to release stress. These are accompanied by the drum and other percussion instruments. There is a feedback round at the conclusion for possible questions about this unique experience.


For 4 to 10 participants. 

Please bring your own yoga mat and blanket. 

Write to register and for payment options. The Sound Bath is also available as a 4x subscription for CHF 140 (to use within 6 months), which can be purchased as a gift certificate.

You can also book the private Sound Bath as a special event in English or German at the AWCZ or other locations. A short YouTube video is here.


This is my Heart Chakra singing bowl, which is tuned to the note of F. Unfortunately, someone who is not a trained sound therapist is using this photo to promote her events. Please be sure that you are registering for my Vibratuning Sound Bath when you see this photo.


Article on Christine’s Sound Bath in the Swiss “Style” magazine (in German):

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