Workshops & Classes


The Sound Healing with Instruments Class I (Intro) is scheduled for Thursday, September 8 (class on August 4 is full), from 6:30-8pm at the Vibratuning Practice in Zurich Wipkingen. This class is open to anyone interested in the healing use of singing bowls, percussion instruments, and tuning forks. In addition to learning basic theory of sound healing, you’ll also have the opportunity to try out the instruments. There’s a maximum of 4 participants, so please register in advance with Twint, PayPal, or bank transfer for the price of CHF 40. Or you can use one time of your 4x subscription for CHF 140.

The Sound Healing with Instruments Class II (Intermediate) will be scheduled as soon as 4 participants who have completed Class I contact me about registering. This class will also explore calibrations (A=424 Hz and A=432 Hz), as well as more in-depth work with the instruments and various types of tuning forks, plus partner work on the massage table. Class III (Advanced) will demonstrate and practice a group sound bath (with the gong). Prerequisite is classes I & II. Payment terms are the same as for Class I.

The monthly Writing Healing Songs Class is on Thursday, Sept. 22, from 6:30-8pm at the Vibratuning Practice This class is open to anyone who writes – or wants to write – songs or lyrics with a healing effect for both the performer and the listeners. In addition to exercises and information on topics such as healing intention, writing lyrics, and composing music, participants (max. of 4) can perform or read their work for constructive feedback from the group. The focus of each class depends on the interests of the participants. A keyboard and guitar will be available. Same payment terms as for the Sound Healing with Instruments Class.

The Tune Your Voice – Tune Your Life with the 5 Elements Workshop will be on Saturday, October 8, from 10am to 4pm (5 class hours with lunch from 12:30-1:30pm) at the Vibratuning Practice in Zurich Wipkingen. There’s a maximum of 4 participants, so please register in advance with PayPal or Twint for the price of CHF 125. Description: It’s never too late to find and love your very own voice! We’ll use the 5 elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether to develop your holistic speaking and singing voice. You’ll also learn how to tone on special harmonic frequencies and create your own affirmations to activate your powers of self-healing. 


The Sound Healing with the Voice Class will be offered later in the year. These 3 different classes can also be offered as a one-day workshop or a combination of the topics as a two-day workshop.

The Sound & Music Workshop for Children is available on-site in the Zurich area.
See for German-language events.


Workshops and Sound Treatments for Clinics, Spas, Hotels, Schools, & Companies in Switzerland (available by request)

Sound Immersion WorkshopSoundImmersion3

Participants experience a deep state of relaxation with singing bowls, tuning forks, and other enchanting instruments as they relax on mats. These acoustic vibrations allow them to feel better grounded, more balanced, and attuned. If desired, they can try out the instruments with each other afterwards.

The workshop is suitable as a recurring offer or part of a one-time event.

Sound and Music Workshop for Children

This workshop includes a variety of activities to explore the various aspects of sound and music without any type of pressure to perform. Instead, the children are encouraged to experience and express themselves while learning that music is fun and fulfilling. The primary age group is 4-8 years, but it can also be adapted for other groups such as 1-3 years (with a caregiver for each child). Recommended time is 90 minutes, but this can also be adapted. Available as a weekly class in either English or German. Response from a school director in October 2020: “The music work you did with the kids today was something really amazing!”


The group size is a maximum of 16 children plus adults as helopers. Christe M. Grimm brings percussion, singing bowls, and Biosonics tuning forks with her. This concept draws on Christine’s background as a Kindermusik Educator, combined with sound therapy work that has a very beneficial effect on children. (Photo with Kindermusik class in Ojai/CA, 2008) Please request a summary of the course contents.

Holistic Voice Workshop

Participants explore their voices to optimize them as an expression of the personality and improve communication. After relaxing breathwork and release exercises, toning on harmonious frequencies is used to balance the voice. The final segment can focus on improvisational speaking or voice analysis.

In addition to the workshops, she offers classes and individual sessions:

*Holistic voice, breathwork, and performance coaching to help speakers overcome anxiety and improve performance

*The individual one-hour Sound Massage on a massage table as deep relaxation or the 15-minute Express Sound Massage as part of an event (see Sessions & Services for details).

Cost: Please contact Christine M. Grimm with a description of the desired events, number of participants, length, available date(s), and location for a quote.

Language: Workshops and sessions can also be conducted in German. See for more information.