Onsite Workshops & Sound Treatments

Onsite Workshops and Sound Treatments for
Companies, Hotels, and Spas in Switzerland

Sound Immersion WorkshopSoundImmersion3

Participants experience a deep state of relaxation with singing bowls, tuning forks, and other enchanting instruments as they relax on mats. These acoustic vibrations allow them to feel better grounded, more balanced, and attuned. If desired, they can try out the instruments with each other afterwards.

The workshop is suitable as a recurring offer or part of a one-time event.

Holistic Voice Workshop

Participants explore their voices to optimize them as an expression of the personality and improve communication. After relaxing breathwork and release exercises, toning on harmonious frequencies is used to balance the voice. The final segment can focus on improvisational speaking or voice analysis.

In addition to the workshops, she offers classes and individual sessions:

*Holistic voice, breathwork, and performance coaching to help speakers overcome anxiety and improve performance

*The individual one-hour Sound Massage on a massage table as deep relaxation or the 15-minute Express Sound Massage as part of an event (see Sessions & Services for details).

© Photo by Anina Loy of Now Meditation, 2018

Cost: Please contact Christine M. Grimm with a description of the desired events, number of participants, length, available date(s), and location for a quote.

Language: Workshops and sessions can also be conducted in German. See vibratuning.ch for more information.