Workshops & Classes

Tune Your Voice Workshop
Sound Healing Class, Creative Writing Class, & Songwriter Circle

The Tune Your Voice – Tune Your Life with the 7 Chakras, 5 Elements, & 4Rs Workshop will take place from 1-4pm at the AWCZ in Zurich Seefeld on these Saturdays: Sept. 5 (1st & 2nd Chakras), Oct. 3 (3rd & 4th Chakras), and Nov. 7 (5th-7th Chakras). Cost for the 9 hours is CHF 160 in advance or one workshop for CHF 60 (at the door, CHF 55 with advance payment). 

Description: This vocal journey will show you how to balance your chakras (energy centers) and their related elements. Each individual class hour will focus on one of the chakras in terms of the voice and sound healing:
C – 1st or Root (Earth) / D – 2nd or Sacral (Water) / E – 3rd or Solar Plexus (Fire) / F – 4th or Heart (Air) / G – 5th or Throat (Ether) / A – 6th or 3rd Eye (Ether) / B – 7th or Crown (Ether)

To help you develop your authentic voice, each class will take you through the 4Rs of Relax, Release, Regenerate, and Reflect. We’ll begin by setting an intention and discussing any individual challenges related to the voice and its care, followed by exercises as a group. In addition to breathwork, toning, sounding, and humming, you will also experience overtoning, undertoning, and improvisational singing with others. I guarantee that you’ll overcome inhibitions and enjoy the sound of your voice as a reflection of your true self! 


The Sound Healing Class uses the Vibratuning method to explore instruments and the voice as a source of healing. Next date is Wednesday, August 5, from 7-9pm. 

The bi-monthly Songwriter Circle is open to everyone who writes songs, lyrics, or music. Next date is July 22, from 7-9pm. Also see the Zurich Songwriters MeetUp here.

The bi-monthly Creative Writing Class is based on “The Artist’s Way” by J. Cameron and offers creative support for all types of writing projects – or just getting started. Next date is August 19, from 7-9pm. Also see the English in Zurich MeetUp here.

Onsite Workshops and Sound Treatments for Companies, Hotels, and Spas in Switzerland (available starting in September 2020)

Sound Immersion WorkshopSoundImmersion3

Participants experience a deep state of relaxation with singing bowls, tuning forks, and other enchanting instruments as they relax on mats. These acoustic vibrations allow them to feel better grounded, more balanced, and attuned. If desired, they can try out the instruments with each other afterwards.

The workshop is suitable as a recurring offer or part of a one-time event.

Holistic Voice Workshop

Participants explore their voices to optimize them as an expression of the personality and improve communication. After relaxing breathwork and release exercises, toning on harmonious frequencies is used to balance the voice. The final segment can focus on improvisational speaking or voice analysis.

In addition to the workshops, she offers classes and individual sessions:

*Holistic voice, breathwork, and performance coaching to help speakers overcome anxiety and improve performance

*The individual one-hour Sound Massage on a massage table as deep relaxation or the 15-minute Express Sound Massage as part of an event (see Sessions & Services for details).

Cost: Please contact Christine M. Grimm with a description of the desired events, number of participants, length, available date(s), and location for a quote.

Language: Workshops and sessions can also be conducted in German. See for more information.